Teaching literature in the Interpretation of Literature classroom is significantly different from doing so in a class of students who are majoring in English—most of your Interp. students will not be taking English Lit classes regularly, if at all, and this class may be one of their last experiences with literature in a classroom setting.

Because of this reality, much of what we do in our teaching needs to allow for students with little experience analyzing texts, to take into account students’ time and reading speed, and to assist them with becoming more comfortable and self-confident regarding the interpretation of the texts we assign. Aligning our plans to this mission can be tough, but it is also quite rewarding and inspiring at the same time. This section should help you as you begin to plan your sessions, but you should also consider looking under the resources tab for lessons and assignments designed for specific texts.

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General Teaching Strategies

The "Teaching Strategies" page includes resources compiled by previous and current instructors related to GEL instruction. You will find resources that speak broadly to typical GEL classroom experiences (lecturing, leading group discussion, etc.) as well as more specific resources, such as how to teach in particular genres.

Sample Assignments and Grading

These resources offer sample assignments you can adapt for use in your GEL classroom. Additional resources offer advice for grading student work, including tips, templates, and sample rubrics.

Teaching Writing

Writing instruction is a core component of any GEL classroom. Here we have gathered resources designed specifically to help with teaching writing, from helping students write thesis statements to showing them how to incorporate quotes effectively.