One of the major components of teaching classes in the General Education Literature program is instruction in writing skills. While it is sometimes perceived as the less-interesting portion of our job, our ability to teach writing skills is a valuable aspect of our program and will serve us in good stead both in terms of retaining our program’s largely unique status and giving our students something tangible to point toward when asked about the value of this course.

It may not be flashy, and it may be frustrating at times, but with a reasonably hard-nosed approach to writing instruction you can see your students improve greatly by the end of a semester’s worth of instruction. The moment of epiphany when discussing a text is flashy but ephemeral; the drudgery of writing over and over is dull but concrete.

Strategies and Tactics for Teaching Writing
Thesis Writing
Structural Concerns
Using Quotations
Effective Sentences
Transitions & Topic Sentences
Other Concerns
Grades & Grading
  • See Grading Resources here.
Rubrics & Guidelines

Example Writing Assignments

This section provides a number of different options for writing-focused assignments. For a full page of sample assignments, see here.

Other Assignments